How often should a restaurant be redesigned?

It’s a shame the term ‘redesign’ often says ‘high cost’ in the minds of restaurant owners. Sometimes, refreshing a restaurant’s decor, or its menu, is needed. When done right, a redesign is guaranteed to revitalise your operation; it can even transform your business and make it more successful than it otherwise could have been. Contrary to popular belief, a redesign is not an exercise in risk, and that is primarily because it doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to result in a disruption to your day-to-day service.

Redesigning or revitalising a menu

A time-honoured rule of menu revitalisation mandates you change your offerings seasonally. Since produce changes seasonally, orchestrating a season-to-season menu changeover isn’t impractical. It involves your chefs and cooks, and it promises to be an engaging creative process for your entire staff.

A menu, too, can always be refined, improved upon. Periodically assess your big sellers and slow sellers, and consider eliminating the items seldom ordered, or changing the way they appear on your menu or are advertised by your staff. Over-bulky menus can result in cost blow-outs when you are dealing with ingredients used in dishes that don’t sell well. If you can cull items, simplify the choices your customers can make, you can be sure they will welcome the revitalisation.

On the other hand, if your restaurant offers a smaller, select range of dishes, you may consider adding a few more options. Alternatively – in the spirit of not fixing what isn’t broken – a visual redesign of your menu may do the trick. Think high-quality stock paper, or professional printing, or a top-quality leather menu cover, for instance.

Redesigning or revitalising a restaurant decor

To be clear, a redesign is not a renovation. If your restaurant needs a renovation, you will be aware of that need, and will attend to it as a matter of priority.  Redesigns, however, can easily be placed on the back-burner, because their urgency is not immediately apparent. But there is almost always a direct need to redesign the way your restaurant looks. The process begins with honesty.
Look at your floor and identify its weaknesses. Grime build-up, mould, table wear, cutlery and crockery wear, wear of light fittings and furnishings and paint; make a list, be exhaustive, and set about right away fixing what you can. Once the obvious visual blights are remedied, then you can look at aesthetics.

Do your tables and chairs match, or are they an eclectic mish-mash sourced over time from different manufacturers? Are your tablecloths outdated? Should you have tablecloths, or do you need them? Are the lounges in your waiting area arranged properly? Do they need new cushions in complementary colours? Are your staff dressed well, and consistently? Address these needs, and you have begun the process of revitalisation. Even bigger projects – for instance, your restaurant decor doesn’t match its concept – can be executed without having to close your doors for months. Style rarely needs a complete refurbishment.

We can help in the redesign process. We have top-quality leather goods to suit any operational need – if your business requires a revitalisation, we will be at your side with goods you can fully customise to suit your envisioned transformation.