Top 5 tips for good menu cover design

In terms of your restaurant brand, what exactly does feel mean? Feel is that indefinable character your brand has. Feel is what all aspects of your business unite to produce. That includes service, menu, decor, uniform, location, prestige, everything. Your restaurant can have a good feel; its feel can also be bad. Feel is tricky because its sources are hard to determine, harder to trace, and its effects can be attributed to other things, for better or worse.

The way a menu feels is just as important as the way a menu looks, but when it comes to menu design, a good, consistent look will evoke a strong sense of feel in your patrons. The result? A inexplicable appreciation for, or rapport with, your business. Some say it can’t be bought. Wrong. It is, most assuredly, a good investment.

  1. Keep it simple.

A menu cover is important because it connects your customers with your food. It’s the customer’s first impression of your menu. Don’t underestimate the importance of setting your restaurant’s tone well, but don’t over-design or overcomplicate the greeting, either. Keep it simple. Consider a tasteful leather menu cover bearing the rich brown hues and grain of top quality traditional leather. Soft, luxurious, confident – these are the aspects of feel such a menu produces. That’s an invaluable sense of perceived value you have invested in. You can opt for a bright green or electric blue vegan leather menu cover, but you should only do so if you’re sure it suits your restaurant’s character and your menu.

  1. Assert your brand strongly

Branding is a separate study altogether, but it should go without saying that your restaurant should have a well-designed logo which reflects the character, decor and theme of your restaurant. Invest in a logo and emboss that logo on your leather menu cover. It needn’t be front and centre on the front cover – perhaps place it in the top left or right-hand corners, where the eyes go – but ensure it’s there. A blank leather menu cover, prestigious though it may be, may appear incomplete and ill-advised next to a well-designed decor and consistent restaurant theme. All parts of your service operation should coalesce; if you have invested in a well-designed logo, display that logo proudly on a well-designed leather menu cover.

  1. Consider your menu strategy

Most restaurants change, alter, or completely redesign their menus seasonally. If that’s the way you do things, great – an inner-screw bound leather menu cover may be your best choice. It’s designed for A4 and A5 (plus a host of custom sizes) and will dependably display menu pages for as long as you need. If you change your menu more often, you might consider a cover which allows for the quick changing of pages: maybe a ring binder cover, a bi-fold with corner inserts, or an elastic rod menu cover. Again, all of these menu covers can be made to custom size and shape specifications. Make your menu cover work with your strategy.

  1. Consider the strength profile you need

Your restaurant has a bar, and on an average Saturday night, drinks are inevitably spilled. A plastic or simple paper menu will become saturated, rip, and tear. A laminated menu, while cost-effective and robust in its way, says you are trying to cut costs (ergo, bad feel). A bar menu needs a robust leather solution. Like genuine top-grain leather, perhaps. You have the strength and hardiness of leather – resistance to stains, able to withstand being dropped and passed customer to customer to customer – and the classic pairing of a traditional leather menu and a gorgeous timber or chic caesar stone bartop. The same can be applied to a restaurant menu. Consider gastropubs or family restaurants: a tasteful vegan leather solution will withstand young hands, stains, and still be cost-effective enough to produce for your entire floor. Don’t sacrifice feel to save money on cheap menu covers that will, inevitably, fall apart.

  1. Don’t be afraid to make a memorable statement, if it’s appropriate

Fact: Customers remember bold expressions of character as much as they remember fantastic service or delicious food. So if your restaurant has a well-established brand – or you are seeking to establish one – consider using a small piece of your brand profile to make a big statement. That may be consciously opting for vegan leather if you decide it’s right for your business and your patrons. And if you make that investment, why not tell your patrons, proudly? If your brand supports vegan leather, your regular customers will too. Or, if you run a cutting-edge fusion restaurant, why not choose something outside the box? Why not ostrich leather or stingray leather? Either choice is high-quality, extremely robust, and as fully-customisable as traditional leather, and both promise to give your business a singular injection of character. What’s more, it’s one of the most unique word-of-mouth talking points a business can invest in. Think about it this way: you need leather menu covers, so why not let them work hard for your brand?

Invest in feel and avoid nothing special. All it takes is a little touch. All it takes is a stunning leather menu cover.

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