Why choose leather for your restaurant menu covers?

Decor forms a crucial part of the dining experience. Facilitating a makeover is easier than you think.

For many restaurants and cafes, formulating a decor and bringing it to life is a troublesome task. You’ve got food to prepare and customers to satisfy, and given service deadlines in the hospitality game roll on to infinity, it’s easy to put long-term creative daydreams aside.

Decor is a hindrance for most restaurant business owners; something to be done one day, but not today. Chances are you’ve seen slipshod interiors and dilapidated exteriors stand on every corner in every major culinary hub in the world. Chances are your own it has its fair share of visual blemishes. You know why, and you know it’s an understandable plight.

“No time to get new drapes.”
“I’ll knock out that wall one day.”
“I need this cash for staffing; new tables will have to wait.”
“Think people can see ceilings stains?”
“The carpet is two-toned. I meant to fix that a while ago.”

Sound familiar? Don’t despair. Here are some truths:

  • Decor is important because it forms a central part of the customer experience.
  • Bad decor – or rather, inconsistent decor – may not cause a restaurant to fail outright, but it will impact the long-term success of that restaurant.
  • Bad decor is a concern of reputation – not a concern of direct quantifiable return.
  • Improving the decor of your restaurant is simple, and needn’t be prohibitively costly.

Basic interior design best practice is a good place to start. You don’t have to be a subscriber to Grand Designs to see a little goes a long way. Maximise natural light where you can, search ‘complementary colours’ and stick to a colour scheme, repair noticeable flaws like nicks, dents, and faded paintwork – these are all efforts that require minimal investments of time and money. A couple of hours’ TLC per week, and you’re back concentrating on your trade.

The easiest way to enact a style overhaul? Start with interactions

Think about the way your restaurant operates. You greet patrons with a smile, lead them to their tables, properly set their places and provide refreshments. What’s next? It’s the very reason they’ve visited your restaurant: the food.

How do they adequately see what you’re made of? How do they conclude they’ve made the right choice in choosing your hospitality?

Your menus. Making a good first impression is crucial, and that’s what a stylish and engaging menu does. It’s the first step in the dining experience – it’s like the handshake and warm smile strangers share on the way to becoming friends – so it’s mandatory you make yours as friendly and attractive as possible.

As providers of premium-quality leather goods, we’ve seen firsthand the effects of offering customers an inviting alternative to haphazard menus. Make no mistake; a laminated hog-tied booklet covered in the smears of past diners is not an adequate depiction of your food or your hospitality. You may be waiting to knock down that retaining wall, but there’s no reason why your restaurant’s handshake – its crucial first impression – should wait.

Leather is a simple expression of style and it’s one of the most robust menu solutions ever created. That’s why world-class players like Crown Casino, Rockpool, and Lot 1. Sydney came to us. They know there are untold benefits to giving little details lots of attention. Leather is an easy and efficient way to bring your restaurant’s decor to life in ways guaranteed to surprise you and delight your patrons. It’s a showcase whose power to charm cannot be overstated.

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