5 myths about top quality leather menu covers you should never believe

Here are a few widely-held misconceptions about leather: it’s only for up-market restaurants. It dates quickly. It always looks the same. It’s unaffordable. It won’t suit my restaurant’s decor.

All of these are categorical fallacies. Leather menu covers can be a stunning addition to any restaurant, and here is why.

Misconception 1: Leather is only for up-market, ‘high-class’ restaurants

In terms of capacity for leather usage, the only difference between your restaurant and a world-class 5-star restaurant is they started using leather before you. That doesn’t make it any less viable as an eye-catching, brand-bolstering decoration point. The fact Sofitel uses premium-quality leather menus doesn’t preclude your restaurant from suitability. Put simply, the reason they’re one of the best is because they do things like invest in leather; they don’t invest in leather only because they carry some special Michelin-grade certification you don’t have access to. Leather is always stylish and robust. Start using it as soon as possible.

Misconception 2: Leather always looks the same

“You’ve seen one leather menu cover, you’ve seen them all.” While it’s true that leather carries its own unmistakable visual profile – leather is leather, after all – not all leathers are the same. Quality, type, colour; leather can be as variable as is needed. You may have seen a dog-eared rust-brown faux leather restaurant menu cover and decided it’s not right for your business, but the true is, the right leather can be utterly beautiful. And with the Leather Menu Factory, you have total control over the customisation of your top-quality leather: size, colour, binding, pages, and much more. Leather has never looked so different.


Misconception 3: Leather is unaffordable
Don’t look at high-end purses and wallets and think these goods accurately represent how expensive leather is. They are always grossly brand-inflated. Yes, the value of leather is priceless, but premium-quality leather isn’t prohibitively expensive. In fact, leather goods you order through the Leather Menu Factory are fully-customisable and exclusively priced. What’s more, they come with a peace of mind money-back guarantee. Top quality leather is within your reach.


Misconception 4: Leather won’t suit my restaurant’s decor

Provided you don’t choose a pink-with-purple-polka-dotted menu cover for your old-style English pub (although we could still do it), leather’s inherent beauty lies in its ability to assimilate with any kind of decor or restaurant style. We know the truth because we work with leather, but trust us when we say you will find a kind of leather menu cover to suit your restaurant, no matter what your restaurant looks like. That means you won’t have to rearrange your restaurant or completely change its decor to suit its newest feature.


Let’s start the creative process today – you will see the beauty and versatility of leather straightaway, and you will never go back.


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