Stylish top-quality leather goods, made for the hospitality industry to exact specifications

At The Leather Menu Factory, we believe superior hospitality happens thanks to a perfect balance between style and functionality. Every business in the hospitality industry – be it a restaurant, bar, cafe, or hotel – wants to leave a unique mark on guests, and our goods are the ideal tool for providing a memorable experience punctuated by the effortless elegance and robustness of leather.

We have helped 5-star restaurants, smaller family-run eateries and boutique hotels reach the nexus of style and functionality by offer premium-grade leather goods customised to the smallest of details and specifications. We produce menus, covers, folders, placemats, and more, and use either genuine or faux leathers in production.

The Leather Menu Factory creation process priorities direct and close contact with clients. We put our clients at the helm of the design process, ensuring the vision for their product is faithfully reached. With our design and consultation expertise, we can help businesses impress their guests with stunning leather goods strong enough to stand the trials of the rigorous hospitality industry.

The Leather Menu Factory’s guarantees offer clients a level of security and confidence no other leather good provider can promise. We guarantee a fully-customisable product; we guarantee a one-on-one personalised approach to the creation process; we guarantee durability. Specifically, we replace, at no cost, any products that have any fault or unusual wear and tear within the first three months of purchase. Peace of mind is rare, but we deliver it.

Leather is at once the simplest and boldest statement a business can make to its patrons. If your hospitality business requires a style re-invigoration, reach out to us today and we will build premium quality leather goods tailored to you.