If you don’t have these three leather products, your boardroom is boring

Consider a simple truth: boardrooms are where deals are done. However, as any seasoned businessperson will attest, boardrooms are often dull, sterile, uninspiring places. Sure, the room may have, at best, a skyline view, but it’s become a sad precedent to see a boardroom filled with little more than pens, paper, phones, and age-old artwork. Here’s how you reset the precedent, better welcome guests and potential clients, and instil within your business or company a strong sense of spirit and character.

You’ll find it’s surprisingly simple.

  1. Boardroom placemats

Invest in a set of top-quality leather boardroom placemats – at least a few more than the total seat capacity of your boardroom. Two guests today? Five tomorrow? Set the places accordingly and await the compliments of your pleasantly surprised visitors. A leather placemat is available in whatever kind of leather you think will best suit your office decor – including genuine, vegan, ostrich, and stingray – and all are fully customisable. So you can choose your size and shape. You can opt for a darker or lighter colour, or choose from a range of colours to suit an eclectic design theme. You can emboss your logo in the corner, in the centre, or wherever else you like. But that’s only the beginning – a leather boardroom placemat is customisable in ways you will love and not expect. We would be delighted to show you how inspiring a boardroom placemat can be.

  1. Coasters

A coaster gives a visitor a singular sense of belonging or place. A potential client arrives, and you greet them. You show them to the boardroom, and offer them coffee or tea. Don’t simply place a mug of tea in front of them; make an understated display out of your hospitality. Place down a genuine top-grain leather coaster, embossed with your logo, and present them a drink brewed specially for them. The difference sounds dramatic – after all, you are still serving them a drink – but it’s simple, and utterly effective. Good business makes the concerned parties feel valued beyond monetary considerations – a coaster is a gesture which suggests you care about the finer things, and are not only concerned in the bottom line.

  1. Leather compendiums

Genuine top-grain leather compendiums – or compendiums in whichever style of leather you would like – can be used in two ways. You can either adorn your boardroom with a set of compendiums used as central book- and minute-keeping tablets (showing you have a traditionalistic, near ceremonial sense of respect for the meeting process); or you can offer them to high-profile guests as minute-keeping gifts they can accept as a gesture of goodwill. A leather compendium is a fantastic gift for clients and a fantastic, low-cost investment for you. A compendium has endless practical value – it’s undoubtedly a dependable depository for the organised businessperson – and its perceived value is unknowable. So invest in your clients and reap the rewards.

Make a lasting statement of personal and professional style – with colleagues, peers, or customers – with tailor-made top-quality leather boardroom goods. Avoid dull, uninspiring meetings forevermore.

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