3 crucial tips for the design of your next restaurant menu cover

Maybe you have decided your restaurant needs a makeover. Perhaps it’s a floor-to-ceiling overhaul, or maybe you are 90% of the way towards a perfectly-designed operation. Don’t leave the finer details out of the picture – when the time comes to update the aesthetics of your operation, consider the power of a perfectly-designed, top-quality leather menu cover. Here are some tips to make your plans and decisions simpler. Read more

Contemporary design ideas for your next menu cover

It’s not easy to stay on the cutting edge of fashion trends while you’re in the thick of day-to-day business operations. In fact, it’s quite difficult. When something is in vogue, it usually doesn’t stay in vogue for very long. Read more

Top 5 tips for good menu cover design

In terms of your restaurant brand, what exactly does feel mean? Feel is that indefinable character your brand has. Feel is what all aspects of your business unite to produce. That includes service, menu, decor, uniform, location, prestige, everything. Your restaurant can have a good feel; its feel can also be bad. Feel is tricky because its sources are hard to determine, harder to trace, and its effects can be attributed to other things, for better or worse. Read more

Opening a restaurant? Don’t overlook these 5 crucial elements


No one ever said owning and running a restaurant is easy, but few understand how difficult it can be. In working with hundreds of restaurant operators, we have learned at least one thing about the restaurant game: Preparation is key. Prepare, prepare, prepare. An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. Prepare twice, cry once. Etcetera.

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5 myths about top quality leather menu covers you should never believe

Here are a few widely-held misconceptions about leather: it’s only for up-market restaurants. It dates quickly. It always looks the same. It’s unaffordable. It won’t suit my restaurant’s decor.

All of these are categorical fallacies. Leather menu covers can be a stunning addition to any restaurant, and here is why.

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5 ways to design a restaurant menu to maximise sales

Did you know most big-name supermarkets are laid out to maximise the amount of goods you buy? Chips are over with soft drinks. Bananas are next to the hot chickens. Lavosh crisps and dips are discounted at the same time. Staples like milk and eggs are in the far corners, so you have to walk past everything to stock up. By the time you finish navigating the store for the necessities that mandated going there in the first place, you’ve got amassed a trolley of unrelated bits and bobs. And it happens every time. And, social science says, you probably had a great time along the way.

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Why choose leather for your restaurant menu covers?

Decor forms a crucial part of the dining experience. Facilitating a makeover is easier than you think.

For many restaurants and cafes, formulating a decor and bringing it to life is a troublesome task. You’ve got food to prepare and customers to satisfy, and given service deadlines in the hospitality game roll on to infinity, it’s easy to put long-term creative daydreams aside. Read more