If you don’t have these three leather products, your boardroom is boring

Consider a simple truth: boardrooms are where deals are done. However, as any seasoned businessperson will attest, boardrooms are often dull, sterile, uninspiring places. Sure, the room may have, at best, a skyline view, but it’s become a sad precedent to see a boardroom filled with little more than pens, paper, phones, and age-old artwork. Here’s how you reset the precedent, better welcome guests and potential clients, and instil within your business or company a strong sense of spirit and character. Read more

Stylish top-quality leather goods, made for the hospitality industry to exact specifications

At The Leather Menu Factory, we believe superior hospitality happens thanks to a perfect balance between style and functionality. Every business in the hospitality industry – be it a restaurant, bar, cafe, or hotel – wants to leave a unique mark on guests, and our goods are the ideal tool for providing a memorable experience punctuated by the effortless elegance and robustness of leather. Read more