Stylish top-quality leather goods, made for the hospitality industry to exact specifications

At The Leather Menu Factory, we believe superior hospitality happens thanks to a perfect balance between style and functionality. Every business in the hospitality industry – be it a restaurant, bar, cafe, or hotel – wants to leave a unique mark on guests, and our goods are the ideal tool for providing a memorable experience punctuated by the effortless elegance and robustness of leather.

We have helped 5-star restaurants, smaller family-run eateries and boutique hotels reach the nexus of style and functionality by offer premium-grade leather goods customised to the smallest of details and specifications. We produce menus, covers, folders, placemats, and more, and use either genuine or faux leathers in production.

The Leather Menu Factory creation process prioritises direct and close contact with clients. We put our clients at the helm of the design process, ensuring the vision for their product is faithfully reached. With our design and consultation expertise, we can help businesses impress their guests with stunning leather goods strong enough to stand the trials of the rigorous hospitality industry.

The Leather Menu Factory’s guarantees offer clients a level of security and confidence no other leather good provider can promise. We guarantee a fully-customisable product; we guarantee a one-on-one personalised approach to the creation process; we guarantee durability. Specifically, we replace, at no cost, any products that have any fault or unusual wear and tear within the first three months of purchase. Peace of mind is rare, but we deliver it.

Leather is at once the simplest and boldest statement a business can make to its patrons. If your hospitality business requires a style reinvigoration, reach out to us today and we will build premium quality leather goods tailored to you.

Here’s why you should use an iPad wine list for your restaurant

With the advent of portable technology the restaurant service game has drastically changed. Gone now are the days of monolithic 100-page wine lists and bulky menus you’re forced to update seasonally. Lots of big-name restaurant players have gone fully digital with their restaurant menus – and while we’re not demanding you move away from paper completely – it may be a good idea to swap your bulkiest catalogue for a svelter electronic version. Put simply, there’s no reason your wine list needs to be printed on paper anymore. And given there are dozens of wine list apps out there for tablet systems, making the switch has never been easier.
Simply, a digital wine list looks impressive

You may have to purchase a few iPads and charging docks, but you’re making a powerful assertion to your customers – I’m up to date and I’ll stay up to date. Paper-based menus may give your restaurant a traditional flair but there’s no way for your customers to certify you are an authority on your bloated list. This is more important if you don’t have a sommelier on staff. If you don’t, the digital wine list is a suitable replacement. Most apps offer pairing advice, information and tasting notes. But this is not to say a digital wine list makes your sommelier redundant.

A digital wine list complements your sommelier

Because most digital wine list apps come with wine info and trivia – some of which you can write and include yourself – conversation is bound to be stimulated when guests peruse your selections. Sommeliers love talking about wine almost as much as they love wine, maybe more. The benefits are clear and numerous: your restaurant is given a new edge of credibility as demonstrated by your digital wine list and reinforced by your sommelier; your sommelier is able to update and customise your wine list to suit the character of your restaurant brand; and you’ll always have someone at hand to explain the app’s rudimentary workings to guests uninitiated with new technology.

A digital wine list makes managing inventory easy

When you run out of a particular wine, or a particular wine stops being supplied, or a single vintage changes, you won’t have to spend an afternoon doing hundreds of reprints for all your lists. Some digital lists have stocking and ecommerce mechanisms built in, so making changes is as simple as pointing, dragging, dropping and deleting. Then you sync the iPad holding the changes with rest and in an instant, everything is updated. Simplicity itself.

A digital wine list gets people excited about wine

Wine has a huge community and you want that community to feel comfortable dining at your restaurant and sipping your wines. With digital apps you’ve got control over the information you provide diners, so why not regale them with facts about artisanal cellars in Margaret River and master grapegrowers in the Yarra Valley? Why not explain the journey their selected wine took to be with them, in their glass? Information can be freely obtained and freely given – offer it to the most discerning of guests and you’ll be duly rewarded.

Here’s how you take your new digital wine list to a new tier of boldness

You’ve made the switch, and now you need a strong and stylish touch to crown what will be one of your restaurant’s most impressive features. Consider a genuine leather iPad cover, customised to your specifications and carrying your embossed logo. It will withstand the hardest of knocks and spills and is guaranteed to provide an all important air of luxury to the whole process – which is crucial because, as we know, wine is an opulent pursuit.

Impress your guests. Make your wine list as memorable as it can be. Why settle for a second-rate offering when wine is such a focal part of the modern dining experience? Contact us today.